Selling with RE/MAX

Accurate price evaluations




Our goal is simple, to get ou the best price possible given the relities of today’s market.

Re/max can help you compete aggressively by carefully evaluating other properties that

Are similar to yours and positioning you to attract the most qualified buyers.

Property presentations


When it comes to real estate, looks are everything. The right amount of visual appeal, a

Neat non-cluttered interior décor, a few artfully staged touches and quality

Photography can make the difference between a property that sells fast and one that

Languishes. Re/max can offer time teste suggestions th help you make your honme stand

Out without spending a fortune in improvements.



Knowledge of property trends



Is the housing market moving up or down this month? Are inventories and vacancies stabilzing? As soon as the markt moves one way or another, we know about it and so do you.



Expert resources



With the many online web sites devoted to the real estate market it’s hard foe any one

Individual to keep abrest of what works and what dosen’t. We can cut through the

Clutter and offer you the precise resources to effectively market and sell your




Aggressive marketing



With all the real estate sales competition, placing your listing in the top real estate

Search engines and keeping it highly visible is a full time job. Most owners don’t have

The time or knowledge to do this themselves. We quickly and effectively market your

Property to more than 4,000 agents locally, as well as the global market via the

Internet. This is accomplished by placement on heavly trafficked web sites and target




Trustworthy and customer focused service



Your home sale invloves a hugh amount of money, so it’s inmportant that your real

Estate agent be as commited as you are to this process. We work closely with you from

The beginning to the end, carefully screening buyers, making all arrangements

Throughout escrow, we are there every step of the way until your home closes and you

Receive your closing funds check from escrow.